How Oom Yung Doe is Different Than Common Exercise

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Oom Yung Doe is a Traditional Martial Art developed about 1500 years ago. Unlike exercise programs, which are constantly appearing and then a few years later fading away, traditional martial arts methods have lasted the test of time. Carefully passed down through the centuries by Martial Arts Grandmasters and Masters, Oom Yung Doe is one of the fastest and safest ways to quickly develop skill and ability, which in turn promotes longevity.

Exercise does not deeply develop the human body. If one exercises to “get in shape” and then stops exercising, he or she will become out of shape. Furthermore, as we age, exercise becomes less effective, and we become more prone to injury. For most athletics, common fitness programs are not an effective way to develop over long periods of time either. It is common for professional athletes to peak in ability at an age of about 30, and then slowly lose skills as they age. Often later in life, athletes have body problems that diminish longevity.

Traditional Martial Arts does not work this way. Movements are balanced – developed from principles of nature. The practitioner can continuously improve, regardless of age. A Master’s ability continuously improves, and he or she can seem to defy the aging process.

Note that not all martial arts are Traditional Martial Arts. It is actually very difficult to find a true Traditional Martial Arts school in the United States. One is much more likely to encounter a sport martial art, typically teaching only hard form, or a children’s program. These schools may have had some traditional influence at some point in their history, or at least their style had some traditional influence, but often the form and movement have been changed and altered over time to be more like common exercise.

When you practice Traditional Martial Arts, you should immediately feel more energy after practice – not less. You will improve your chi, or energy because the training is both internal and external, and mental and physical, balanced with principles of nature.

Try a lesson, and see for yourself!

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We have been in the Boston area for 40 years, training instructors and students.  Our goal to help individuals develop a strong  mind and body and  improve the communities near our schools.

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