Where there is a will, there is a way

Oom Yung Doe teaches eight styles of traditional martial arts as taught in Asia for centuries. It is not a common martial art or sport. The goal is not only to develop self defense, but to “win over yourself,” and reach your fullest potential.

Help Your Child

Oom Yung Doe training helps your child develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and control, as well as self defense. Through consistent practice, your child can develop greater focus and determination. Oom Yung Doe practice teaches self-respect and helps build a child’s confidence so he or she can be successful in school, sports, or any activity. Students will learn forms and techniques as well as life principles to help them throughout their lives.

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Hear What Parents Say

In the video below, hear from students and parents how training has positively impacted their life. Some of the benefits include improved patience, greater determination, clearer focus, strong self-defense, and better grades.

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“His grades this year and his reports from school have improved dramatically, and the reason for that, we believe as his parents, is that the discipline and the interest in practicing traditional martial arts has definitely transferred into his schoolwork. His homework, his attention span at home, and his focus on jobs that need to be done, his chores or his work for school, has improved dramatically. … One thing that I’ve noticed when he leaves the Oom Yung Doe class, is that Stuart definitely has an air of pride. He talks about what his accomplishments are, what he’s learning, and he’s proud of it.”  Stephen W. – Parent

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See What Your Child Can Achieve

While it is important to do research and hear what others say, the best way is to see for yourself. We recommend your child tries for one month. Even if you are considering other schools, this will help you make a more informed decision about where to train, and what he or she can achieve. 

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Develop Confidence, Discipline, Patience, and Self Respect

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