Where there is a will, there is a way

Oom Yung Doe is true traditional martial arts as taught in Asia for centuries. It is not a common martial art or sport. The goal is not simply to develop self defense, but to “win over yourself,” to reach your fullest potential for your ultimate mental, physical and spiritual development. This is success.

Hear What Students Say

In this video, students of all ages and backgrounds describe how training has been important to them. More energy, patience, determination, improved fitness, self-defense, better immune system, higher quality of life…

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See What You Can Achieve

Try For Yourself

While it is important to do research and hear what others say, the best way to see if Oom Yung Doe practice can help you achieve your goals is to experience training. We recommend you try for one month. Even if you are considering other schools, this will help you make a more informed decision about where to train, and what you can achieve. In life, few things are more valuable than your time, so choosing a school that can help you attain your goals quickly is worth it.

Adult Training
Fall Special


1 Month of Unlimited Lessons +
Additional Bonuses ($475 value)

  • National Lesson Voucher with a 7th Degree Black Belt ($250 value)
  • Training Equipment – High Performance Training Spray & Weighted Pearls ($75 value)
  • Uniform ($50 value)
  • 1st Section Test Fee ($50 value)
  • National Online Membership ($50 value)

Develop Confidence, Discipline, Strength, Flexibility, and Self Defense

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