Traditional Martial Arts Tournament Seminars

Chung Dan Hyung Seminars – Local & State Level

Chung Dan Hyung forms are the most powerful, completely balanced short forms that can be absorbed by all body types and conditions. Because Chung Dan Hyung forms are completely balanced, the movement will become your own and your mind and body will come together as one.

Chung Dan Hyungs follow the tradition and correct path (Chung Doe) of true Martial Arts throughout the centuries.

It is vital that these forms are taught by a true grandmaster and/or master who can clearly demonstrate their incredible level of skill and ability.

Chung Dan Hyungs forms can be demonstrated at local and state level Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) tournaments.

Chung Joong Hyungs Seminars – Regional Level

Chung Joong Hyung builds upon an existing Chung Dan Hyung and can be demonstrated at Regional Level TMA tournaments.

The training consists of three components. The Chung Dan Hyungs the practitioner currently practices will be advanced – new movement will be passed and Championship Training will be taught as well. All of the forms can be learned for the first time also, in the manner the Chung Dan Hyungs are normally taught. Regional Level Chung Joong Hyungs will be required to enter Regional Level Tournaments

Championship Coaching – Learn Directly From a Master

Championship Coaching, taught by the Master Level Teaching (MLT) team, incorporates centuries proven training methods that enable one to achieve the highest level of TMA skill & ability.

As a follow-up to Chung Dan Hyung & Chung Joong Hyung Seminars, the championship coaching takes your form and development to a much higher level by teaching you how to practice the movement taught in the seminar according to your body type. This level of instruction can only be taught by a qualified Master and allows one to fully “digest” and absorb the movement; providing the fastest way to achieve a medal in a TMA Tournaments.

“Winning over others is victory.
Winning over yourself is success.”

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