Sang Yung Chung Doe

January 16, 2020

Open to All Students

Sang Yung Chung Doe
Chung Sa Bu Jerry Demonstrates Double Yung Chung Doe Form

Sang Yung Chung Doe utilizes two weapons, marginally heavier than typical koms (Chinese Broadswords), and requires concentration for the body and weapon to move in sync. This connects the mind and body, develops the upper, middle and lower areas of the body, and enhances all forms elevating the practitioner’s skill in many areas.

Sang Yung Chung Doe quickly harmonizes and purifies the practitioner’s mind and body which leads to the development of tremendous internal strength.

This form is a Chung Dan Hyung. To learn more about Chung Dan Hyungs and developing specialty skills as part of your training, click the button below.

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