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Introductory Courses

Moving Meditation

Make the beginning of your day amazing, with these powerful breathing, stretching, and meditation techniques.


Build upper, middle, and lower body capability with these powerful lessons.

Livestream Training

Train live with a certified instructor with 2-way video feedback!

8 Martial Arts Courses

Kong Su (Tae Kwon Doe)

Build external strength and self-discipline very quickly.

Kung Fu

Build traditional skill as well as powerful physical and mental strength.

Tai Chi

Build your immune system, energy level, and inner strength.

Ready To Take Your Next Step?

Find out how to take what you’ve learned to the next level and keep yourself moving forward.

Additional Training & Learning Opportunities

Master Level Training

Learn from a true Master and higher belt Instructors.

Black Belt

Path To Black Belt

Learn the step required to achieve a Black Belt.

Chi Testing

Chi Testing Movements

This sequence will help you develop, balance, and test your Chi.

Recent Demonstrations - See What You Can Achieve

Boston Red Sox Demonstration

Demonstration prior to a Red Sox game.

Quick 8 Martial Arts Demonstration

Demonstration of 8 Traditional Martial Arts

A Traditional Martial Arts Principle

No matter who you are, you must take care of yourself.  For the pain and all the effects of neglected mind or body recognizes no amount of wealth, position or age. You have to earn for yourself your mental and physical health.

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