How to Buy Herbs

Active students may order herbs via the kiosks in the schools. Any herbs not stocked in your location will usually arrive the next week.

Explanation of herbs

Dit da jiao (defined as “hit medicine”) has been an integral part of Traditional Martial Arts for centuries. It has developed, flourished and evolved over hundreds of years and has been passed down through oral and written history of Oriental medicine, martial arts, and modern Western science. Most are considered to be “secret formulas” and are handed down through a family tradition from generation to generation. Traditionally, practitioners would often earn their living from treating patients and selling herbal medicine. Dit da skills and herbal formulas of a particular family were always highly guarded and kept very secret. This tradition is still carried on today.

It is common knowledge to know that the human body can be injured or damaged very easily. Risk of injury and soreness in martial arts, sports and other physical activity is an unavoidable factor and may occur due to a variety of reasons such as getting hit, falling down, holding positions, etc; injuries may include bruises, sprains, strains, cuts, fractures, internal bleeding and other trauma. Normally the human body can, in time, heal itself of some minor injuries such as light cuts, sprains, etc., but this natural healing process is limited. Proper herbal formulas, or dit da jiao, are extremely effective in speeding the healing process without any side effects. Dit da jiao also deals with the prevention of injuries from arising, rather than treating symptoms after problems have occurred.

Chulgwon Formulas™ is the first extensive collection of dit da jiao that is now available to the general public. The powerful, all-natural herbal sprays, soaks and equipment work to increase energy and circulation in order to aid in healing muscle, joint and nerve damage, prevent injuries and increase endurance. Many people have also found these formulas to be useful for reducing aching muscles, arthritis and rheumatism discomfort. Overall, each formula helps to stop pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, stimulate circulation and improve healing.

Suggested Practitioners’ Use

Each person’s use will vary. Here is a general guide on the prescribed use. It is recommended that you communicate with your instructor and the MLT team to always check on your personal progress. Sprays can be and are suggested to use in all daily activities.

Speed & Power (Muscle & Joint) Spray

Use before, during and after practice. Cover entire body and tap into skin. Use liberally. Pay extra attention to troubled areas. Average consumption is 1 to 2 2oz bottles per month. Use more if needed.

Foot Spray

Used primarily on the feet, ankles, calves, knees, hips and lower back (if needed). Use liberally and tap into the skin. Pay extra attention to troubled areas. This formula significantly enables the lower body to stay loose, helps to relieve discomfort and maintains stamina and energy throughout the day. Consumption varies.

Iron Hand

Primarily used in iron hand training. Use as prescribed by the MLT team. Helps to reduce discomfort and swelling in hands and joints. Good for helping to remove bruising throughout the body by increasing and circulating chi and blood. Consumption varies by practitioner – 1 to 4 2oz bottles per month.

Nae Gong

Used in conjunction with internal practice as prescribed by the MLT team. Can be used to help increase energy in daily activities. Consumption varies by individual.

Herbal Soaks

Use as prescribed on label. Advanced usage to help increase development. Use 1 8oz bottle or 1 16oz bottle each day for 3-5 consecutive days (3-5 bottles).

Therapeutic soak regimen: Continue taking 3 soaks per week until reaching 100 soaks (within 6 months).

Herbal Tea

Use as prescribed on label.

Therapeutic regimen

  • For seasonal maintenance
  • When the body needs to be rebalanced (i.e. under the weather, preparing for tournaments or other events)

Take 5-7 consecutive bottles of needed supplement (5-7 day regimen), followed by the Energy Tea for 3 days (3 bottles).

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