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Mitch D.

Mitch Diamond

I started Iron Hand training. My circulation has improved and my body heals itself quicker. When I practice I can feel the blood moving through my body and I notice that my energy is up by the time I am done.

Cody Valdez

The results have been extraordinary. Self-defense practice has raised my confidence. For the first year in memory, I did not get sick at the start of autumn, saving me two weeks of my life, and the Iron Hand practice has noticeably strengthened my immune and digestive systems…


Phyllis Benjamin

While my peers are going through knee replacements, I’m practicing my forward rolls and learning hip tosses. I’m working hard, having fun, and feeling great!

Vangjel Frasheri

My lower back pain is virtually gone. My body feels great! It’s hard to put into words how all the benefits feel. Most importantly, I have gained confidence, which I carry with me in my everyday life.

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